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We Design and Deliver World Class Live Entertainment Productions for Theatre, Concerts and Broadcast


We create stunning lighting designs for live events of all sizes. Using our own fleet of equipment, we offer a true end-to-end solution. Utilising our visualisation suite, we experiment and explore an endless range of design possibilities for production to ensure that what is delivered on-stage is truely a memorable experience.


We have refined the way projection blends seamlessly with lighting, allowing a new depth and level of design never before possible with live production. With our full range of projection equipment and state of the art media servers, we can quickly integrate projected elements into all of our designs.


With a dedicated team of in-house content creation specialists, we are capable of designing and creating all of the visual material required for productions. Working closely with the artist, directors and other creative departments, we ensure that the content is able to tell a story and have true meaning to the performance. 

Passionate industry leading professionals including creative designers & technical specialists offering complete solutions

A visual design agency for the entertainment industry incorporating a collaborative design & delivery philosophy

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